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Tomar Chul Badha Dekhte Dekhte Lyrics by Jaggajit Singh. Bengali Song Lyrics & their English Song Lyrics Here.

Tomar Chul Badha Dekhte Dekhte Lyrics

Tomar Chul Badha Dekhte Dekhte Lyrics:-

Tomar chul baandha dekhte dekhte Bhanglo kacher aaena |
Tomar chholakola dekhte dekhte Bhanglo buker aaena ||

Bhora joubon shajate tomake sholoti phagun lege gechhe |
Tomar oporup dhore raakhte pagol holo je aaena ||

Aami jemon tomari chhilam, Temon tomari aachhi |
Tumi aaenake proshno koro Shune naao ki bole aaena ||

Tumi ekdin ekhane esho, aamar chokher dike shudhu chaao |
Tumi tobei bujhbe aamake, chokh je moner aaena ||

Translation English Lyrics:-

Witnessing you dress your braids the mirror of glass is shattered.
Witnessing your panache the mirror of heart is shattered.

For your youth to blossom you spent sixteen springs.
To withhold your beauty; the mirror became demented.

I am still faithful to you as I was earlier.
Ask your mirror; listen to what mirror said.

You come near me one day and look into my eyes.
Only then you'd understand, mind is the mirror unbiased.

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